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    It all started a few years ago in Bologna, Italy.

    Pablo and Johnny are best friends who met during their studies at The College of Design.

    While they were staying up all nights in a row to study, they also got the chance to talk.

    They talked about fashion (obviously), but men's fashion in particular.

    Johnny Said : "Do you know how hard it is to find a well made suit these days? The variety for men is so poor, especially in the United States.

    And if you do find something you like the price is outrageous!

    It was a cold January night when the two fellows decided they are going

    to open a store of their own!

    Since Johnny is American and Pablo is Spanish,

    they quickly agreed that this store must be international.

    Now all the men in the world could enjoy their sophisticated and innovative designs.

    Today we are already a well known brand. Our inspiration is to be the number 1 brand for men suits, with the best quality, variety and of course costumer care.

    BTW, if we forgot to mention, the shipping is free worldwide!

    Feel free to contact us for any matter.

    Gentelmano Team